"Bio­-Med Engineering, Inc. founded in September 1990"

Since 1990 our goal has been to service, administer and manage medical, laboratory and scientific equipment. Celebrating over 25 years of service, our staff is recognized as some of the best in the field when it comes to skills, experience, knowledge and education. With our numerous years of combined experience, we are dedicated to providing equipment management services that are cost­ effective, efficient and quality ­driven. We strive to document significant economic and time savings for your facilities by increasing diligence of the risk management processes resulting in lowering liability exposure.

Bio­-Med Engineering, Inc. is manufacturers trained on hundreds of different devices, ranging from leading medical equipment manufactures to specialized laboratory devices. Through our affiliations and associations, our team has the experience and training needed to provide quality equipment services within the Intermountain Region

Bio-­Med Engineering of Nevada, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bio-­Med Engineering, Inc.) was established in 2005 to provide equipment services for our many customers in Nevada.